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ETCon 01 – Review

The Presentations:
To Slide Or Not To Slide – Kevin Micalizzi
ETCon Presto – Heike Philp
Myngle English Course B2 L14 – Elisa Delaini
Myngle Spanish Course A1 L17 – Elisa Delaini
Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms. Do we really need them? – Koichi Ko

Use of Slides

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Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms. [...]

After the ETCon 01 – Collecting the Pieces

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the ETCon 01.
As you all know we had some problems during the meeting. Unfortunately none of the recordings neither on Dimdim nor on our backup meeting at eduFire could be found right now. But Kevin and Koichi are still working on this issue, so [...]