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Kevin Micalizzi of Dimdim.com

Kevin Micalizzi was convinced he didn’t want a career in computers. In college he primarily studied communications, with a focus on interpersonal communication. In 1994, he graduated and within 2 weeks began work at Powersoft Corporation providing technical support. A year later he moved into electronic support, leveraging the internet to improve support for customers.

“A career in computers” back in the early 90’s did not sound exciting, but when he started working with the web/internet, suddenly it started looking pretty good. Kevin focused on the web in 1995 and hasn’t looked back. He began directly managing teams in 2000 and has extensive experience working with cross-functional, distributed teams. He has established expertise in web strategy, content management, production, operations, architecture, and development.

Kevin lives in NH and is now working as Community Manager at Dimdim, conducting interviews for his blog Practical Conversations, attending technology events, and enjoying time with family and his faithful sidekick Trinity. Keep up with Kevin by following his lifestream or connect with him.

Source: kevin.micalizzi.com

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