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Heike Philp of LancelotSchool.com

Heike Philp, Managing Director and founder has taught over 20 years in Japan, England, Switzerland and Germany. She has a university degree in Social Education and has lived and worked in many countries, including Japan.

Her special interest is in combining traditional teaching methods with the latest communication media. In her position of manager of a global live online language school, Philp co-initiated the LANCELOT project which aims to qualify and certify language teacher in the use of virtual classroom technology and became managing director of the newly founded training center LANCELOT School GmbH in 2006.

Following the start of the training center, Philp also co-initiated the AVALON project, funded within the Transversal Program, with 26 partners in 8 European countries, 11 of which are Universities. AVALON is about language learning in Second Life.

Source: LancelotSchool.com

  • heikephilp

    Hi all,

    Enjoy the following brief presentation about what
    we will be talking about at the ETCon and what we
    are looking forward to doing with you.

    This presentation is with 10 slides auto-advancing every
    20sec. (Presto10x20 technique) and in order to get this
    auto-advancing in DimDim, I had my second computer
    join the virtual classroom, started screen-sharing the slide
    show by MS PowerPoint which allows the slides transition
    to be set to 20sec per slide.

  • Awesome. Thank you Heike. Looking forward to your presentation on monday!

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