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ETCon 02 – Preview

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to share some information about the second E-Teachers Conference. There will be more to come in the next days including the date and time of the ETCon 02 and the final list of panel members.

The panel will talk about: “Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing”. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages of community based learning and community developed content.

The ETCon 02 will be hosted by WiZiQ as one of our goals at the E-Teachers Academy is to present as many different virtual classrooms as possible to our members. We are very happy that WiZiQ will not only prepare the platform for this event but also take care of the recording and moderation. As you know from the first ETCon, my internet connection is not that stable here in France so we can avoid a bunch of difficulties with the generous help of the WiZiQ team this time.

Looking forward seeing you all on the next ETCon and stay tuned for more updates about the date, time and panelists.

Greetings from France,
Kirsten Winkler
Founder E-Teachers Academy

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