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ETCon 01 – A wild Night – Thank you all!

What a wild night! Thank you to all the panel members for being part of the ETCon.

Thank you to Kevin for backing me up on Dimdim.

Thank you to Koichi for setting up a new classroom on eduFire for the second part of the ETCon.

Thank you to Heike for being my co-host.

Thank you to Harman and Elisa for your patience.

Thank you to all the attendees for the great chat and vivid discussion. You made the event!

I will try to collect the parts, edit them and make them available on this blog. So talk soon!


  • mikemoir


    Great emeeting the other day.

    Any chance you will be leaving the presos on your site.


  • Hey Mike,
    I am still collecting the pieces of the ETCon.

    Right now it is not looking good for the videos but I will embed the presentations, the chat transcripts and the follow up discussions.

    Talk soon,

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