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ETCon 01 – Review

The Presentations:
To Slide Or Not To Slide – Kevin Micalizzi
ETCon Presto – Heike Philp
Myngle English Course B2 L14 – Elisa Delaini
Myngle Spanish Course A1 L17 – Elisa Delaini
Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms. Do we really need them? – Koichi Ko

Use of Slides

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Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms. [...]

ETCon 01 – A wild Night – Thank you all!

What a wild night! Thank you to all the panel members for being part of the ETCon.
Thank you to Kevin for backing me up on Dimdim.
Thank you to Koichi for setting up a new classroom on eduFire for the second part of the ETCon.
Thank you to Heike for being my co-host.
Thank you to Harman and [...]

Kevin Micalizzi of Dimdim.com

Kevin Micalizzi was convinced he didn’t want a career in computers. In college he primarily studied communications, with a focus on interpersonal communication. In 1994, he graduated and within 2 weeks began work at Powersoft Corporation providing technical support. A year later he moved into electronic support, leveraging the internet to improve [...]

Elisa Delaini of Myngle.com

Elisa Delaini is Education Manager at Myngle. A language lover, she speaks 5 languages fluently and is improving 5 other ones, having lived and worked in different countries. With professional experience in the journalistic and media world, she holds a Master of Science in International Relations and a Master of Arts in Media Culture.
Source: Myngle.com

Heike Philp of LancelotSchool.com

Heike Philp, Managing Director and founder has taught over 20 years in Japan, England, Switzerland and Germany. She has a university degree in Social Education and has lived and worked in many countries, including Japan.
Her special interest is in combining traditional teaching methods with the latest communication media. In her position of manager of a [...]

Harman Singh of WiZiQ.com

Harman Singh is the Founder and CEO of WiZiQ.com.

Jon Bischke of eduFire.com

Jon Bischke – Jon is the business visionary behind eduFire and has over a decade of experience helping people to teach and learn online. He has been involved in starting two companies that have been acquired by publicly-traded companies (The 2000Tutor.com Network, acquired by Penton Media in 2001 and Zaadz, acquired by Gaiam in 2007) [...]

Kirsten Winkler of ETeachersAcademy.com

Kirsten Winkler studied european law before she changed her carreer to become language coach. She is the founder of several language related learning websites as DeutschHappen.com and LearnGerman4Free.com.
After 3 years of online teaching she decided to share her knowledge of the industry with other teachers and started to blog about education 2.0 at KirstenWinkler.com.
In June [...]

ETCon 01 – Lesson Slides and Virtual Classrooms. Do we really need them?

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Date: July 27 2009
Time: 8pm GMT+2
Members of the discussion panel:
Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager of Dimdim
Elisa Delaini, Education Manager of Myngle
Heike Philp, Founder of Lancelot School
Harman Singh, Founder of WiZiQ
Jon Bischke, Founder of eduFire
Kirsten Winkler, Founder of E-Teachers Academy